Prank Dose Shit Dammit AMIRITE!?!?

The Three Stooges

What is Prank Dose and who is ENiGMA420?

Prank Dose is ENiGMA420's personal prank website. There really is no real use for the site anymore other than ENiGMA420's personal space n' shit. It was once used to house a collection of prank files.

"ENiGMA420 is a behind the scenes guy who helps manage a lot of the Prank Call Nation services. He is also a big fan of The Three Stooges! ENiGMA420 doesn't make prank calls!" -- PrankWiki

Other Shit

Scatman 420 blazin a phatty to all the fecer's out there! Join Prank Wiki for information on various prank callers in the community. You can follow me on these fucking social media sites that I don't ever use:

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